Friday, April 2, 2010

Stand Up, Fight Back (Euro tour with xTrue Naturex): Olomouc, CZ / Prague, CZ / Wroclaw, PL

"when my song begins to play I'm thinking everything is going to be ok until the smiles start to fade" -Kid Dynamite

Played a show in a basement art studio/venue type of place in Olomouc, CZ for a handful of people. A movie was screened behind us, and my voice was so coarse and raspy from being sick I was only able to play 4 or 5 songs before I had to quit. it felt like my lungs were on fire... sucks. Had another nice, relaxing and funny night with our hosts and the next morning we left for Prague.

We had to drive out to a tiny village in the middle of nowhere to get a part for the Deceptacon, but it was wonderful to be out of the cities once again and hang out in the countryside for a few hours. The garage we arrived at was like a Land Rover paradise and MDG was excited as can be to check out all the old trucks. Still not a big fan of cars, but I'm glad he liked it.

Our show in Prague was in a small cafe that was packed with people (and one really sweet dog). We were served an amazing dinner, and another friend brought us cupcakes (gluten-free ones for me) that were delicious! We met a Czech womyn that spoke english really well due to an exchange program that brought her to the states, but we noticed something strange about her accent. Apparently the program placed her with a family in Wisconsin, so all of her english is spoken with an accent like she's from the movie Fargo. So funny! I had a good laugh, but I realized that was kind of rude... but to me that's just a hilarious coincidence.

Stopped off at the bone church (Kostnice) in Kutna Hora, CZ and had the most epically metal day. I couldn't believe how doomy the place was... even the weather was dark and rainy that day. MDG walked in for free, and I almost made it myself but was snagged. Lucky for him someone asked if he could take a photo of them, so I guess the docent assumed he already paid. Went in and took a bunch of photos (up on my myspace), got some postcards etc. but wanted a little something more. As I was looking at one of the giant huts made out of femurs and skulls I thought to myself "well, that skull is within arms reach, no one is watching... I wonder..." and as I shot my hand forward through the metal gate an alarm sounded immediately above my head and lights started flashing like crazy. I pretended like I was just trying to get a closer shot with my camera when people looked over but I was so fucking scared! Managed to leave the church with no other problems and we headed on our way to the next show.

After a long drive we were back in Poland to play our show in Wroclaw at Poland's oldest vegetarian restaurant. It's in the middle of the city square directly across from a McDonalds, but the building that Vega is in is 3 times the size of it! So freaking awesome. Had a lovely dinner and played our show. Hung around at the venue for awhile, drank some tea and then headed back to our friends flat.

I can feel the tour winding down since we only have a little more than 2 weeks left. Almost got killed today for eating too much of our peanut butter, but other than that things have been going relatively well and we've all been getting along great. Still a bit sick, and that makes things a little more depressing sometimes; but looking forward to the future regardless. Take care.

for love and liberation,
mike xvx

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