Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things have been looking up!

my friends,

you're probably wondering where i've been for the past month and a half, yes? well, maybe not; but i've been incredibly stressed and insanely busy getting things going! it's taken a long hibernation (a month is forever in mike xvx time), but things are finally starting to fall together. let me show you what i've been up to:

first, let me tell you about my full u.s. tour:
i'm going to be traveling with my good friend zombiejenn of (a wonderful photographer! check out her stuff) we have about 38 shows scheduled and i'm very excited about each and everyone of them. aside from the shows we're going to be making a video diary, and jenn will also be taking pictures everyday for a book to be published later on. you can check the dates for our tour here:
come hang out!

second, i have a new cd coming out:
i've been working incredibly hard on this release and so far i'm really proud of the way it's turning out. the packaging is made of %100 post consumer recycled cardboard, the artwork was done by an amazing artist from Poland named Grimgreen, and an awesome dude named Mike recorded me for free in his bedroom and i have to admit i'm really impressed with his recording capabilities. it's going to be released on the label i've started recently No Fucking Whey! so be on the lookout!

and last but not least
, NFW! has been putting together a compilation to benefit the SHAC 7
so far we have 15 bands from 5 different countries involved in this compilation. ranging from thrash, hardcore, ambient noise, acoustic punk and even ole timey mountain music. this comp. will also be printed on %100 post consumer recycled cardboard and will feature all vegan musicians. we're hoping that on top of making a considerable amount of money for our friends behind bars we'll also raise awareness about Huntingdon Life Sciences and their shameful, murderous practices. check out more information on how you can get involved to shut down this company at and

thank you to all my friends for continued help and support. none of these things would be possible without the people involved (you know who you are).

love your friends, go vegan, and fuck the police,
mike xvx

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