Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tour Journal #1

hey everyone,

so we're now on our third day of tour. night before last was the show in San Diego at the Che. i just want to say that i LOVE THE CHE CAFE.. honestly every time i visit it's a good experience and the friends who volunteer there are super rad. i got to play with with some really awesome bands: Destroy all of them, The Americans, and Fed to the Wolves. all of which put on an amazing set. there were a lot of sweet kids that came out, and although there were a group of people having a conversation in the middle of the room most of the show; it was still a really good night. i passed out a ton of literature, and people picked up shirts, my new cd and the SHAC compilation which i'm very excited about! go check it out: myspace.com/nofuckingwhey
i actually ran out of some zines and i'm going to have to try and make copies while i'm out and about. crazy!

last night we stopped in phoenix and had dinner with some friends. what did we eat? oh.. well you know... THAI FOOD! my all time favorite. feed me thai curry and i'll love you forever.

we got into flagstaff a little late last night and we've been hanging out with our friend john (myspace.com/workinprogressmusic) and of course he's been showing us a great time. played an intense game of scrabble and watched The Good Son with Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Wood. Although i cringe at most of that movie, i have to say that the Mr. Highway scene is pretty funny. (anyone else agree?) ginger tea, nice music and snow everywhere made it a very relaxing night. i never want to leave flagstaff whenever i come here.

anyways, the tour so far has been really fun although both of our arizona shows were cancelled. jenn has taken some awesome pictures so far, she hasn't posted them yet but check out her page whenever you can: myspace.com/zombiesonfilm

take care my friends and hopefully see you all soon

wearing socks and shoes (wtf?),
mike xvx

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