Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stand Up, Fight Back (Euro tour with xTrue Naturex): Portland, OR / Emmen, NL

"hey, that's no way to say goodbye." -Leonard Cohen

Portland is awesome, I want to start off by saying that. Where else can you skate an awesome ramp inside a screenprinting warehouse, eat delicious vegan food in every neighborhood, and get radical books, kitschy stickers, and vegan versions of every possible junk food? I was so so glad to spend my last 2 weeks in Oregon with some of the most amazing people I know!
directly after the AETA 4 benefit I drove straight back down to LA to catch my flight. I left at 1030 pm and arrived the next day at 7 pm after an exhausting night. Rested for about 18 hours and then caught my flight out. After the 9 hour flight to London the plane decided to wait on the runway for 45 minutes (don't ask me why) so I missed my connecting flight. It's probably better that I got a later flight anyways because I got incredibly lost in the Heathrow airport. I don't understand how anyone can find their way around that place... you have to take trains and busses to the other terminals. so ridiculous.

Finally made it to Amsterdam and met up with Keegan and Arthur. Stepped out into the FREEZING cold and rode a train out to Weesp. Got into our tour vehicle and named it Deceptacon. Even though MDG insists it's just called "Land Rover" haha.

currently staying in a squat that used to be a bank in Emmen, Holland. It includes a massive free-store on the first level, a venue in the basement, and living quarters on the 2nd floor. I can't believe how rad the set up is here, and how many things they are able to host here during the week. Foodbanks, movie screenings, vegan cafes etc. and everyone here is super nice and friendly. Though I will say it's almost as cold inside as it is outside.

Went for a walk with Roland the dog early this morning across Emmen and got to see it in all it's hazy glory. It's actually kind of nice to see snow again, even though I just came from Australia where it's probably over a hundred degrees there right now. This year is definitely turning out to be one never-ending global tour. Which is awesome, but I was kind of hoping to spend a bit more time with my friends and rest before I left again. but how can I complain? I get to see like 16+ countries on this trip. boohoo.

For Love and Liberation,

Mike XVX

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Rivera Brothers said...

sounds awesome dude!! consider my jealous ;) be safe in your travels and have a blast! (shouldn't be too hard right?? haha)