Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stand up, fight back (european tour with xTrue Naturex): Emmen, NL / Haarlem, NL

"There's apples in the trees, let's take all that we need""-Mirah

after Chonga's arrival, and a massive amount of condensing of our merch and personal items, we were ready to leave Emmen for our first show in Haarlem. Our last day at the bank squat known as Spoorloos (translates to "without a trace") was spent eating peanut butter and fruit in the upstairs living room and trying not to freeze to death. It's still amazing to me how much Spoorloos gives back to the community, and how much the support they receive in return, especially for being a known anarchist group... evident in the red and black flag flying out in front of the building. Did I mention this bank is located directly in downtown Emmen?

We packed up The Deceptacon all the way to t
he ceiling. We left enough room for one seat in the back and literally have barely any space to move. We're all looking forward to spending the next 2 months in the Land Rover, especially driving through the Alps, haha*. The flaps on the back don't insulate it at all, and we can't lock the doors so every time we stop we have to bring all our things with us. I worry for my guitar because this will be the second really expensive one I will destroy if I don't look out for it.

A short 2 hour drive brought us to Haarlem, NL. We're here to celebrate Tes' birthday, and staying tonight in her squatted flat above the shopping mall in the city center.** I have a feeling I'm going to see some more awesome squats on this trip, but I should say that this place definitely does not look like one. inside and out. A series of small flats connected above a clothing store, all quaint and incredibly clean. And from Tes' explanation a flat 1/4 of the size of one of these would cost 300-400 euros a month.

Excited for the show tonight, and for the months ahead. Trying not to think about how much I miss everyone, and listening to music from time to time to calm myself down. I'll keep you all updated in the weeks ahead.

for love and liberation,

mike xvx

*nervous laugh

**I've never seen so much fur trim in a mall in all of my life. Literally every other person that passed us had a fur trim jacket on. Fucking murderers.

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