Monday, January 11, 2010

Profit Prevention Tour (Australia) - chuck a coupla stubbies in the eskie

As some of you American friends will notice when I get home, I've been working hard building my Australian vocabulary. I have to say, when I first got here I had a hard time understanding what anyone was saying to me... but now being a little more exposed to the Australian vernacular I have a better understanding. By the way, I'm stinging for a stubbie right now.

Anyways, played an awesome show last Saturday in Maclean (the Scottish capital of Australia!). Had a barbie with some mates, chucked back a coupla stubbies and played some music. A friend named Joe tried to record the show somewhat successfully for a bootleg "Live in Australia" CD he's making. I'm pretty excited about that! and you all should be too! Thanks again to Ben for letting a bunch of sweaty kids hang around in his basement.

The next night some friends and I drove up to Byron. Ate some Krishna food and went swimming in the SALTIEST water I have ever been in. Had a great view of the famous Byron Bay lighthouse from the beach, and is also known as the most easterly point of Australia! The show wasn't "officially" booked at the Youth Activities Center (YAC), but since there wasn't a show scheduled that night I figured I might as well play out in front. Surprisingly a pretty large amount of people showed up, and I think all in all it went really well. Lesson learned: don't rely on someone else, do. it. yourself.* Spent some time with some really sweet kids, and got to see cane toads for the first time (super cute, but apparently are a total pest here in AU). Great, great show.
Spent the night out in Lismore, and drove up to the Gold Coast to party at "Dreamworld" for the day. As I was standing out front trying to figure out a way to get in, a womyn approached me and offered me one of her family pack tickets, which included a wristband to get into the waterpark, for $30 instead $75 (plus another $20 for the waterpark). Once we passed through the ticket line and I was in the park, she seemed to be incredibly nervous about me handing her money and thought that everyone that worked the front gates was "watching her". so she said "you can have it for free, have a nice day" and took off. I guess I lucked out that she was so paranoid, so Marcus and I shared the cost of his ticket instead. Played lazer tag (alien vs. predator vs. YOU) which you battle not only eachother but the predator and the queen alien from the movie series' as well. Rode some awesome rollercoasters, got splashed by some nasty water on a couple of the boat rides, and walked around in nearly 100 degree whether for the day. Nearly had a heartattack on the ride where you freefall 377 ft.. which I had to ride alone because no one else wanted to tempt a brain aneurysm with me. (pictured below. the freefall is the side track)

After we left the park we were thoroughly exhausted and starving so we drove out to Tien Ran in the Gold Coast. Which is one of the few all vegan restaurants I've been to since I've been here.
Grabbed a few stubbies on the way back, laid down and had one of the deepest sleeps I've had in quite awhile.

I love my friends,
Mike XVX

p.s. there's not a whole lot of room here for my photos, so feel free to check them out on my myspace.

*although I do owe a great amount of thanks to all my friends who helped caravan kids out to the show, advertised for it and drove me around. and of course all the friends who have in any way supported me since I've been here. A million times thank you!!!

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