Saturday, January 2, 2010

Profit Prevention Tour (Australia) - New Year, A Giant Banana, Dodg'em Cars and Fairy Floss

Some good news for you all: After 2 weeks on crutches I am finally beginning to walk again. I feel as though the dark cloud that's been hanging over my head since then is finally starting to pass. I haven't felt the need to write in this for awhile since I didn't want to send out any negative news, but now things are looking up.

It's only been the new year for a couple days now, but already I'm feeling refreshed and revitalized. This past year has been rough, as I know it has been for a lot of my friends as well. I had thought at first that I was just on a streak of bad luck... but I realize now that a lot of the negative experiences I had this year were consequences of not trusting my own intuition and judgment. So I guess my new years resolution is to take a step back from my life from time to time and re-evaluate my goals as an activist, musician and friend, and reaffirm what's really important to me.

So I just got back from a rowdy night at the fair in Yamba, NSW. Ate a bunch of Fairy Floss (cotton candy) and got a mild seatbelt burn on my neck from the Dodg'em (Bumper) Cars. Afterward, a friend and I beat the crap out of each other inside a giant inflatable worm while screaming children jumped all over me when I was down. It was awesome to be on my foot again and feel like I can fully enjoy my time here.

I am so grateful to the friends I have made on this trip so far. I was feeling pretty alone there for awhile since this tour fell apart. but with their help it's been coming back together. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's (my favorite holiday by the way), and I hope to see some of you at the upcoming shows this week/month/year. Take care.

for love and liberation,
Mike XVX

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