Monday, January 18, 2010

Profit Prevention Tour (Australia) - "when the world falls apart some things stay in place."

Just got back to northern new south wales from an exhausting 5 days in Melbourne, VIC. Played 3 shows with Will Wagner and Chris Burrows, who both played really awesome sets by the way, but had to skip the 4th to rest and go see Walter from Gorilla Biscuits play an acoustic set.

Spent the first 2 nights with rad Josh that I met in Canberra at his house in Northcote, and then spent the rest of the time with Jamie Hay and his awesome roommates and friends in Clifton Hill. Skated the weirdest park I've ever been to - it was just box stacked on box with a few stair sets. No transitions or ramps anywhere, so bizarre. Went for several bike rides both with Jamie and Josh... one of which Jamie warned me that we'd be riding along a river for part of it and that I, of all people, should be reeeeeeally careful.*

Melbourne is known as Australia's most vegan city, and I definitely found this to be true. Ate at a ton of different places that were all pretty delicious... except Trippy Taco kind of weirded me out. You just shouldn't eat Mexican food overseas if you grew up in Southern California; it's a written rule that I chose to ignore. Also had a great lunch at Lentil as Anything, which is a vegetarian restaurant run by volunteers. All you can eat and pay what you think the meal was worth; pretty good deal, hey? It's also located in an old convent that was converted into several shops, including a bar, a pretty sweet art gallery,a petting zoo, and also hosts a weekly farmers market. I would send photos but I haven't taken any since I've destroyed my last camera in the lake crash.

Feeling super flemmy and nauseous even though I've been back for a day. Every place I seemed to play or go was literally filled with cigarette smoke, and I'd end up having a coughing fit the next morning. Had to step out of my comfort zone a lot to play some of the time as well, since everyone was drinking, smoking and being super rowdy. It's definitely not something I'm used to, but I put on a smile and handled it the best I could... though I felt pretty uncomfortable and overwhelmed a couple times.**

I'm just trying to take everything as it comes, though what's been coming is sometimes difficult to deal with. I don't know if any of you experience this, but I feel like I build something emotionally for myself, or try to build a strong relationship with another person, and then have someone or something come along and just (metaphorically) kick the supports out from underneath it. I suppose that's how I've been feeling lately. Or maybe I'm just exhausted and lightheaded from that trip and that's amplifying my emotions at the moment.

Anyways, playing a show on the Gold Coast on the 23rd and my last and final show in Australia in Newcastle on the 27th. I hope to see a lot of people there, check the dates on my myspace blog if you need anymore info.

Going to make the best of these last 2 weeks,

Mike XVX

*Still getting ripped on weeks after the lake crash, haha. So if I've learned anything it's this: crash into a filthy lake with your friends trike and ruin all your things just once and you'll never live it down.

**I don't want anyone to think I'm being arrogant or elitist either, I simply just don't feel comfortable around drinking in any capacity.

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