Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stand Up, Fight Back (Euro tour with xTrue Naturex): Amsterdam, NL / Dusseldorf, DE

"your ethics and morals fucked up and stupid/no value for life unless it is human." -Dystopia

spent the last two nights in an amazing squat in Amsterdam, NL. 10 super sweet and friendly people are squatting a 4 story office building that has literally never been used. it was built in the early 2000's and the city has done nothing with it, so now it houses a group of vegan straight edge activists... and about 20 bicycles, haha. Had an awesome time biking around the city, skating out in the sunny, kind of warm weather (and in the squat!) and played an awesome show at MKZ. Everyone person we've met in Holland has been so incredibly nice to us, it's amazing!

tonight we played a show in Dusseldorf, DE to a great group of people as well. Vegan Uprising also tabled the show, with one of their highlights being the Anti-Fa "Inglorious Basterds" stickers reading: (rough translation) "the german sausage party is over!" pretty rad. I'm also almost positive i will run out of merch before the first month is over though, which is worrisome.

been too busy to even stop and think for more than a few minutes, and even as I right this i'm rudely ignoring a group of people so i must go.

for love and liberation,
mike xvx

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