Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stand Up, Fight Back (Europe tour with xTrue Naturex): Brescia, IT

"gone to bed, god is dead/lies and truth are in my head" -Leftover Crack

Last night was our show in the lovely town of Brescia. Played at the Magazzino 47 which is an old communist run community center across the street from a graveyard. Apparently in Italy the bingo numbers are from 1-90 and each has a meaning; 47 being "the speaking dead"; hence it being across from a cemetary. Also in Italy if you have a dream where a dead relative lists off numbers its required of you to go out the next morning and play those numbers in the lotto... pretty funny, eh? We spent the first half of the night trying to get the fire raging so we could warm up the freezing building, even though so far Italy is the warmest place we ve been since the tour started. and the show itself was a total dog party (meaning there were like 10 dogs running around, barking and partying)*... Which brings me to my next part of the story: our awesome host Gabb taught me how to say "I am a party animal" in Italian, and I announced it to the crowd before and after my set. There were cheers and some woots, Im not gunna lie.

Had a good night of sleep, and woke up with a pretty decent breakfast. Today was also haircut day, so after I cut all my hair off and composted it I hopped in the shower. Now since Ive been in Italy Ive noticed a "light" switch with a long string attached to it in every shower. I decided to try it out but no lights turned on or off, so I though fuck it... probably broken. About 5 seconds later I hear feet rushing up the stairs and Gabbs voice outside my door:

"are you ok??"
"uh, yeah. why?"
"I heard the bell!"
"ohhh, thats what that does..."

so apparently its for emergencies... but Gabb says he uses it whenever someone turns on the faucet somewhere else in the house and the shower shoots ice water down on him. Kind of an easier way to say "hey what the fuck!?"

Had a delicious Italian lunch.. and like how many lunches go, we got into a conversation about how eating Polenta is kind of like eat Placenta because the names sound similar. Then the Placenta eating convo went off for the rest of the meal, which was awesome. But I know what youre thinking right now, and the answer is yes: Italians are really passionate about their pasta. Last night at the show the kitchen made me a special gluten free pasta dish, which was only slightly overcooked.. but even this morning Gabb still apologizes about it. I think it might have been really embarassing for him, haha. Food is food when youre starving, and I have been on this trip about 70% of the time(... everytime)**.

For Love and Liberation,
Mike XVX

*an italian dog totally frenched me on the mouth.

**Anchorman quote

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