Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stand Up, Fight Back (Euro tour with xTrue Naturex): Mainz, DE / Karlsruhe, DE / Lyon, FR

"you're the most beautiful girl in the... room. in the whole wide room." -Flight of the Conchords

So after 3 years, this tuesday I returned to Mainz, DE. I spent some time there a few summers ago with a good friend, and it was awesome to see her again. we had a nice relaxing night at "Haus Mainusch" complete with wonderful food, friendly people and an aggressive game of foosball or "kicker" in Euro speak. Got to ride a tall bike the next day thanks to another American named Nicky I met that happens to live in Mainz (weird huh?).

The next day was our show in Karlsruhe, which was spent with a hilarious and super accommodating host where again we had an AMAZING dinner complete with Sushi and homemade Thai curry! so fucking awesome, i couldn't believe it. the food on this tour has been unbelievable... i usually lose weight when i'm traveling but i think i'm going home fat and sassy this time. Played probably my worst show of the tour so far since i've been sick, and since no one could understand (or ignored) my stupid jokes. Had another awesome meal for breakfast the next day, and received some shirts from an organization that wants to restore the original meaning of the swastika. I don't know how comfortable I am wearing it though :/

Jumping on the bed and looking like a cat

Tonight we're back in France, in the second largest city, Lyon. today was our last show in france of this tour, and though it's been fun it'll be great to get out of the cold that seems to hit so hard when we're here. Hung out with some super sweet kids, again ate a ton of food and saw some of the nicest track bikes i have ever seen in my life. going skating tomorrow morning with our host which i'm very excited about, and then it's on to Italy.

skate to create/skate and destroy,
mike xvx


ohfuckgod said...

i'm so glad you've been eating!!! and i'm glad you'll be fat and sassy instead of thin and sweet when you get back. i also like the random baby photos that you don't explain. nice touch.

JⒺssica said...

How did you get off that bike?!

mikexvx said...

I can't explain the baby. it just happened.

and I used vegan power to get off the bike. no joke.