Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stand Up, Fight Back (European tour with xTrue Naturex): Dusseldorf, DE / Leuven, BD

"to take them down we have to use as much fucking violence as they do"-Chokehold

Spent our last day in Dusseldorf with some awesome XVX kids that took us out to a whole neighborhood of squatted buildings, and afterwards ate our first restaraunt meal of the tour at a pretty awesome chinese place in town.* We picked up our gear at Hinterhoff (the venue where we played the show) and set out for Belgium.

(all the buildings are painted differently)
squatter kitty

After a short 2 hour drive we made it to the squat in Leuven which was a beautiful old, ancient building that seemed like it's rapidly falling apart. We explored a massive building behind it as well, and Chonga and I managed to stumble our way through the dark up into the attic and eventually onto the roof. On the way back out I took a different way by myself, got lost, and then found out the exit I managed to reach was locked so I had to stumble my way back upstairs and across the building to find the front. So crazy!

Played a show in the FREEZING cold main building for a group of people, sold some stuff, ate some delicious curry (not thai mind you) and hung out for a bit. The whole show people were concerned about the cops showing up and arresting some of the squatters, but thankfully the police didn't follow up on their promise. So everything went off without a hitch!

after packing the car, I put on my headlamp and wandered into a shed I was curious about across the courtyard. Thinking nothing would be in there I was about to walk out when I realized there was a staircase that led underground!(again, be patient... photos will be up soon!) While wandering through the damp "dungeon" that seemed to go on for quite awhile, I heard the Deceptacon start up and pull out into the street! Worried that MDG assumed I was walking to the house we were staying at, and me not knowing where it was, I ran through the dank cave as fast as I could, up the stairs and down the street after him only to realize he was just re-parking! I sprinted to the passenger side, banged on the window and then opened the door to him staring at me like I was crazy. Almost gave me a freaking heart-attack!

Belgium is beautiful, but it's off to France today. Take care my friends!

Fuck the police,
mike xvx

*I will say the kids in Dusseldorf were a great reminder of how awesome Anti-fa is. and I bought a scarf yesterday that reads "Fuck national pride worldwide. no love for a nation." pretty sweet.

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