Friday, March 5, 2010

Stand Up, Fight Back (Euro tour with xTrue Naturex): Lille, FR / Paris, FR

"I'll never choose a different path, and I'll never fucking be like you" -Inside Out

Got to Lille a little early, so we went to the super market where the boyz bought a massive amount of baguettes and assorted foods. We had a food party at the venue later on where absolutely no one could understand what we were saying, so we sat quietly by ourselves. Played the show underneath a series of awesome lights and disco-balls (so sick), and afterward did a short video interview with VegNord (Lille's local animal rights group - pretty rad!). Stayed with some members from the group, where they both could barely understand anything we said (hilarity ensued), but they still made us delicious food and gave us a nice place to sleep. The next morning though one of the cats managed to pee all over and ruin keegan's hat, sleeping bag and shirt... which Chonga and I thought was hilarious! Especially since my things were right next to keegan's that night but somehow went untouched. Maybe those cats and I just had a special thing going on :)

The next day we drove about 4 hours to Paris. We stopped on the side of the road to eat near a wooded area, and I proceeded to throw rocks at a trashcan for awhile. a sketchy car pulled up, and then drove away. immediately after that a womyn in a camper van across from us rolled down her window and started screaming at us in french. i thought she was mad because i was throwing rocks and sticks, making a ton of noise, but we finally figured out she was a prostitute and we were upsetting her business! she was parked there waiting for clients, and when we drove down the road to leave we saw campers exactly like hers all over the place.* apparently that's what that area is known for because everyone in Paris filled in the rest of the story for us while we were telling it.

Played an awesome show in the basement of a club. Met some AMAZING kids as well... and i know i say that a lot but these people were seriously seriously rad. sold a ton of stuff, talked until the owner kicked us out, and now we're staying in an apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower from the street. it's 2 am and i'm fucking beat. so long!

for love and liberation,

mike xvx

*meaning men meet her there, have sex with her in her camper, then leave... sorry if that was unclear

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