Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stand Up, Fight Back (Euro tour with xTrue Naturex): Arona, IT

"picture me rollin" -2pac

Passed through the beautiful french alps today. Saw some amazing castles, and drove through some of the longest tunnels ever. I didn't get many photos; it was impossible to take a decent one from the freeway through the dirty windshield of the Deceptacon, but you can always just google some, yeah?

played our show in Arona, which was more like a community function than a musical kind of deal. there were a ton of tables set up, people serving food and some total normies there hanging out. i broke a string during my first song, so i didn't have that much fun. but the youth center was (literally) right on this massive lake! it was so so amazing looking, and in the morning i'm going to go out and get some photos of it to show you all. plus, this town itself is really pretty as well. Italy is beautiful so far, but for some reason.. and this may be a cultural thing.. when you really need to get somewhere in the room people will NOT move out of your way for any reason! it was so bizarre. i was carrying a ton of shit out the front door and had to squeeze passed people that were just having a conversation. i don't understand.

so far our stay in Italy has been filled with quotes from inglorious basterds.. (you know like when brad pit says Bon-jore-no! in that heavy southern accent, haha) so to elaborate a bit more on that, I'm probably going to get punched in the face by the end of these next few shows.

sorry these entries have been so short, but i've had little to no time to update this... i do have a life you know. sorta.

for love and liberation,
mike xvx

p.s. don't have huge crushes on someone-in-Italy-sitting-across-the-room-from-you-who-was-looking-at-you-all-night-but-were-too-afraid-to-talk-to. it will only end badly.

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