Monday, March 15, 2010

Stand Up, Fight Back (europe tour with xTrue Naturex) - Faenza, IT / Roma, IT

"Arise! Get off your knees!" -Amebix

(photos coming soon)

Played at a pretty massive squat in Faenza, IT for a bunch of friendly and rowdy Italians. Got a lesson in how to get your ass beat in Foosball (kicker) only to learn later, after youve been challenged to a match, that kicker is nearly a national sport in Italy. I mean, they take it very seriously. very very. I want to say also that I love when people from other countries totally adopt you into their lives, like some of the kids last night. We had a hilarious dance off, and I taught them how to moonwalk. Plus we bonded over watching their drunk friend puke in the corner while someone tied him to the table with masking tape. so good.

Trashcan fires make life so much more bearable here, and I played probably my most successful show as far as audience participation and merch sales go. And I hate having to count sales in there, but when you're touring its so crucial for the continuation of the trip. plus, the only reason I was able to go on this trip was a massive lend from some of my friends and now I can finally pay it off.

Last night we played in Roma, which unfortunately we didn't get to see the coliseum or any other places of historical significance before the show. but that's totally fine by me, a million people have been there already and it costs money to actually see any of it. and if any of you know me personally you probably know I hate all that touristy shit (most of the time).

Played in a cafe called 'Rewild - cruelty free cafe' (weird huh?), ate some food, hung out etc... you know the deal.

afterward we headed an hour out of the city to our friends place in the countryside. and let me tell you, it is freaking beautiful out here. it felt so nice to wake up in the sun and go for a walk through the woods. there are also horses, dogs and cats out here as well... and very few people. Had a wonderful lunch that our host prepared for us, and we all joked about canceling the rest of the tour and just staying here for as long as possible, haha. Chonga and I also found an abandoned house on the property next to us which was pretty awesome.

Feeling positive, rested and ready for anything... though I hope the rest of this trip goes on without any major complications.

for love and liberation,
mike xvx

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