Monday, March 29, 2010

Stand Up, Fight Back (Euro tour with xTrue Naturex): Vienna, AT / Bratislava, SK / Brno, CZ / Olomouc, CZ

"there were 3 of us this morning, I'm the only one this evening, but I must go on." -Leonard Cohen

Traveled to Vienna, AT and played a show in a basement venue called I:DA. It was also a benefit for 26 (originally 13) Austrian activists that have been put on trial for "running a criminal organization" and are essentially being charged with laws originally intended for the Mafia. All of these people are on trial for completely above ground, legal activism and they range from more radical animal rights activists to even slightly leftist animal welfarists. It seems most of the evidence being used against them is email and phone call surveillance that proves they've said they 'support' certain people or actions. There are some similarities to another case that's going on in the United States right now as well. you can read about the AETA4 here.

After that was our show in Bratislava, SK in a small cabin in the middle of a park. it was awesome not to be in a big, dirty, irritating and stress educing city for once. plus, a ton of people came out for the show and everyone was super friendly and excited we were there. Keegan broke a string, set his guitar down and was lifted up to crowd surf amongst the 80 or so kids that were there. pretty awesome.

Played tonight in Brno, CZ at a small club. the show wasn't my favorite of this trip, I must say, but our hosts have been awesome and getting to spend time with them at all has been super rad. Plus, it's been nice to just sit and read since no one wanted to come up and talk to me at the merch table today.

hope everyone is doing well!

for love and liberation,
mike xvx

p.s. sick with a cold as of yesterday. Not going to point the finger of blame at anyone, but someone else who was sick apparently thought it would be appropriate to try our food with the serving spoon and then put it back in the pot after having their mouth all over it. what the fuck.

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